Michael Egger-Zikes

Michael Egger-Zikes

Trainer and Consultant at AngularArchitects

Michael Egger-Zikes is an experienced software architect, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular in the field of business applications. As a member of the ANGULARarchitects expert network, he has supervised and implemented large enterprise-scale Angular projects in the public and private sectors. As an external (part-time) lecturer, he also teaches this topic at a university of applied sciences in Graz, Austria. The business informatics graduate has a lot of experience with software engineering and automating business processes.

Mastering Angular’s Dependency Injection: Practical Insights to Level Up

The Angular Framework features a built-in Dependency Injection mechanism that has been integral since its inception. This aspect is one of the core elements for which the JavaScript ecosystem lauds Angular. While many developers are adept at employing DI for services provisioned in the root scope, its utility extends well beyond this conventional application.

Through practical insights, this lightning talk will empower developers to unlock the full potential of Angular's DI system. From comprehending provider hierarchies to leveraging dependency inversion for cleaner code, participants will acquire knowledge to enhance their Angular applications.

Additionally, we will demystify the internals of the Injection tree, shedding light on the lifecycle of nodes and providing clarity on their utilization.

Join my talk as we uncover the features of Angular's Dependency Injection system, paving the way for more efficient and streamlined development workflows.