Chau Tran

Chau Tran

Senior Engineer at Nx • GDE in Angular

Chau works to bring the best engineering practices to web application production. He is currently with Nx as a Senior Engineer. Previously, he was with Swimlane, a Security Automation and Orchestration platform, and ArchitectNow, launching several successful projects.

He is the creator of automapper for TypeScript and angular-three for Angular. Also, he is one of Angular Vietnam’s founders. He blogs, lives stream, and maintains open-source projects. Chau is also an Angular Google Developer Experts (GDE).

Husband, father, learner.

Nx: Your Blissful Path to OSS Angular Library Management

As an OSS maintainer, are you tired of the constant struggle to manage your Angular libraries? Nx is here to offer a path to blissful enlightenment. In this talk, you'll discover how Nx can help you create, maintain, and share your libraries with the world with ease and serenity.